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strives to provide a professional service that can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of every personality and type of "best friend". We have a wonderful kennel family of staff that has many combined years of experience in animal care and handling. Our service has set us apart from the rest with free walks and playtimes that are not considered "extras" at our kennel, but an important part of minimizing stress while boarding. We have worked hard to earn your confidence in our service as we continue to earn the trust of your pets, and we believe the well-being of your pet(s) is the key to that trust. We encourage tours not only at our kennel, but suggest touring other kennels as well. A kennel should welcome you through their doors and into the kennel area as we do, so that you can feel comfortable with the facility that will be taking care of the four-legged members of your family. Thank-you for considering Home Away From Home Kennels for your Boarding, Bathing, and Day Care needs!


Plan 2-3 weeks ahead for Summer Boarding! Run Space books fast!

Open 7 Days a Week

For Your Convenience:

Check-in and Reservation Requirements

  • Full day charges start at check in.
  • Half day charges apply between 7am-2pm.
  • Full day charges apply after 2pm.
  • Complete paperwork prior to check in day.
  • Turn in vaccine copies early.
  • Check in before 5:30pm Monday-Friday.
  • Check in before 1:30pm Saturdays.
  • Check in before 2:30 Sundays.
  • Credit card required for reservation.
  • 48hr notice to cancel reservations.
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas stays: Deposit totaling approximately half the stay required at time of reservation. Only refundable 1 month from holiday date!
Inside/outside runs combine to measure 4'x5' inside and 4'x15' outside. Runs are equipped with A/C, heating, and ceiling fans for added comfort. The outdoor portion is shaded with ceiling fans as well.
The Property is video surveillanced 24 hours, 7 days a week, once staff has left after business hours.
Many of the dogs that use our service are inside only pets. Most dogs will decide on their own to be where he/she is most comfortable. Dogs do not receive indoor/outdoor access while outside temperatures and/or climates are intolerant. Dog doors will be shut, and dogs will remain inside, continuing to receive their leash walks throughout the day.
Dogs are pack animals and you happen to be part of their pack. When their pack separates, stress is involved. Dogs with separation anxiety at home are most likely to be stressed at the kennel. Lack of appetite, weight loss, thirst, diarrhea, & other illnesses will be apparent in a stressed dog when they get home from the kennel. If you think your dog might have a problem at the kennel, we might suggest several Day Care sessions to warm them up to the idea of the kennel. In severe cases of stress, it is usually best to ask a family member, neighbor, or pet sitter to care for your pet in your home.
Dogs receive 3-4 walks throughout the day. Walks are used as potty breaks in a grassed yard and tend to keep dogs happier and quieter because they are receiving attention and not soiling their run space. Walks are also used as exercise time. This is an opportunity to stretch their legs and just run around. This time in a yard may help minimize stress, making their stay with us much more enjoyable.
We provide fleece blankets that can be laundered daily to keep the pet's area clean. We always double up on the fleece blankets for larger or older pets. Stainless steel bowls are provided for food and water. We also have raised bowls for dogs that require them.
Oversized beach towels are great! Items that can fit into our washer, like what is shown here are acceptable. Remember, we're usually washing several pet items, not just one like at home. Toys are welcomed, but should be limited to 1 or 2, making it easier for us to track their belongings and return them to you, if possible. Kongs are great!
Rawhides should be left at home. While rawhides are okay at home, they may not digest well when dogs are under the possible stress of boarding, causing diarrhea or vomiting. Toys with stuffing should also stay at home to prevent choking. Oversized dog beds are too large for your pet to move about on the inside of their run. Tipped water and food bowls will soil their large beds, making for an uncomfortable night.
"Nature's Select Premium Pet Foods use the freshest and finest ingredients available. They use whole meats, whole ground rice and natural preservatives like Vitamin C & E, and rosemary extract. There are no by-products, corn, wheat, or chemical preservatives. Their products are highly digestible to provide maximum nutrition for your pet."
It is okay to bring your pet's food if it is portioned out & labeled. For example, "2 cups/twice daily", or "a.m. feeding", "p.m. feeding" in zip lock bags or Tupperware. Very large (over 15# bags) are hard for us to store. Smaller bags are preferred.
* Vaccine proof from your vet is required to check in. Puppy or kitten booklets are not acceptable. A receipt or vaccine certificate is necessary. Without proof, boarding will be declined.* Dog Vaccinations: Adult Dogs Bordetella is given every 6 months to 1 year according to what your vet may recommend. Intranasal applications work quickly and are longer lasting.*Note: a vaccine given less than 14 days prior to boarding may not be effective* Distemper/Parvo given once every year. Rabies as required by the City of SA regulations. Cat Vaccinations: Adult Cats FVRCPC (fel distemper combo) once per year. Rabies as required by the City of SA regulations. *Other cat vaccines like FeLv, FIP, or Feline Aids are always recommended, but are not required*
Tour us anytime during our business hours! We want you to feel safe & informed about making a decision to use our facility.
September is a good time to start making holiday reservations. A deposit for half of your pets stay will be required to hold your spot. Deposits are only refundable 1 month prior to the holiday date.
Unfortunately, very young pets can be highly susceptible to various illnesses. Puppies and kittens are allowed to use our services if they are at least 6 months of age and have completed their entire series of vaccinations, to include the Bordetella vaccine for dogs. For young pets, a pet sitter should be used. We recommend that family members, neighbors, or pet sitters be used as an alternative to the kennel for pets 12 yrs or older, or if pets are handicapped in any way.
Cat suite dimensions are close to a perfect 4 foot cube, each with it's own custom built furniture and carpeting. Cat Suites can be combined to form a single unit that measures nearly 4' by 8'. Perfect for multiple cat families. We feed Premium Edge dry cat food in maintenance .
At your first visit, check-in will take between 15 and 30 minutes due to the paperwork involved. It is recommended that you visit the kennel before your actual boarding date to complete the packet and not delay your flight or trip. After you have said your goodbyes at the front counter, OUR TRAINED STAFF will safely escort your pet out to their run & SET UP THEIR BELONGINGS. Saying good-bye in the kennel area can be upsetting for you & your pet as they watch you walk away. "Sneaking" your pet out to their run allows them to focus on new surroundings instead.
Full day charges accrue at check-in, so arrive early. A run has been reserved for your pet all day and we will not give it away. Also, early arrival allows your pet to acclimate themselves to "kennel-life". Half-day charges apply when pet's are picked up before 2pm. Mon-Sat. Sunday pick ups are a courtesy half day charge because the kennel does not open to the public until 1 pm. Half day charges will not be accrued if your pet stays for exactly a 24hr period. Professional discounts apply to your full priced boarding pet and prices only!
Day Care allows your pet to socialize with other pets, burn off some extra energy, build up confidence for boarding, or simply be out of the house while repairs are going on. Dogs can play in groups or one on one with a staff member. Group play is offered for a small fee for boarders. Boarders can get into day care play time with other dogs for fun & socialization."
Dogs and cats never sit in a cage to dry. We allow our dogs access to a full-size run while they wait their turn for a bath. Dogs also receive leash walks for potty breaks and always have access to fresh water. Cats wait in our cat suites with fresh water and litter box. We will always treat your pet to a spa-like experience, we will never mistreat your pet just to get the job done. We will always make alternate suggestions if your pet has special handling needs.


Boarding Fees

Dog Indoor/Outdoor Run $28.00/daily
Additional Dog In Same Run (-25% off) $21.00/daily
Daily Potty Breaks & Exercise Time
In A Grass Yard Is Never Extra! (one-on-one with a staff member)
Cat Suites $16.00/daily
Additional Cat In Same Suite (-25% off) $12.00/daily
Half day charges accrue between 7am-2pm, fully day charges apply after 2 p.m.
Group Playtime for Boarders
Supervised Group Play $8.00/session
This must be requested at check in and is different from the free Potty Breaks & Exercise Time.

Boarding Extras

First Oral Dose Medication No Charge
Add'l Oral Dose Medication $1.00/dose
Injectable Medication $1.50/dose
Multiple Medication Charges May Apply!

Doggie Day Care Services

Day Board (walks, no group play) $15.75
10 visit Punch Card ($12 sessions) $120.00
16 visit Punch Card ($12 sessions) $192.00
22 visit Punch Card ($12 sessions) $264.00
Punch cards expire 90 days from date of purchase and can be used by any dog in the family. Day care is by appointment only Cards will be punched for no-shows. Day care clients receive 10% off boarding when used a minimum of once per week.

Reservation Requirements

• Credit card required to make reservation
• 48hr Notice of Cancellation
Example: Checking in Friday, must cancel by Wednesday.
• No Call, No Show....$35 per run reserved
Cancellation Fee of $35 per run reserved is enforced when a reservation is not cancelled within 48 hours and/or for No Call, No Shows.


Discounts For Full Priced Boarding Only!
Military (active/retired) 10%
Senior (55+) 10%
Teacher (active/retired) 10%
Discounts Not Honored During Any Holiday Stay

Bathing Fees

Small Dog $10.00
Medium Dog $12.00
Large Dog $14.00
Long Hair Large Dog $16.00
Extra Large Dog $22.00
Cat Bath (light brush/nails/ears) $35.00
Extra For Fleas/Ticks, Skunking , Matting, Excessive Shedding, Med/Long Coat Breeds.

Bathing Extras

Nail Trim $14.00
Anal Glands $10.00
(check glands without expression) $5.00
Loose Coat Removal(per 30 min. session) $15.00

SPECIAL HANDLING CHARGES MAY APPLY WE CANNOT SEDATE YOUR PET! Sorry, but discounts apply to boarding only!


Here are the forms that you will need to fill out upon your visit. Open these files, print them out, fill out the required sections, and bring them in to make your check-in faster.

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Boarding Contract - PDF size: 7KB Boarding Contract - PDF size: 7KB
Dog Questionnaire - PDF size: 112KB Cat Questionnaire - PDF size: 39KB
Client Admittance - PDF size: 11KB Client Admittance - PDF size: 11KB

Employment Opportunities

We are accepting applications. Applications are taken year round and kept on file until a full-time or part-time position opens up. Please check back to this Employment Opportunities section for animal care-takers and reception staff.

Employment Application - PDF size: 7KB

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